Uses for

A temporary email address allows you to receive and send emails from quick without having to use your own real email address. This allows you to comminicate anonymously without giving out your personal details stopping spam and unsolicted emails.

Download Mail can be used for the following as well as many other uses:

1. Signup for offers. Sometimes you just want to receive the offer but do not want the additional spam emails that get attached to registrations.

2. Additional Accounts. Most online accounts are tied to an email address. If you need to access a site with another account you can use a temporary email address.

3. Signing up for email address take time. We don't require any personal information on this site when you use our services. Quickly create an email address to use instantly.

4. Testing Purposes. You may want to test whether you can send and receive emails from a particuliar email address or service.

5. Check out new web sites and services. When you are ready to signup you can then use your real email address.

Please do not use these temporary email addresses for any services that you want to use on a recurring basis.

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